The HYM Investment Group’s (“HYM”) vision for the redevelopment of Suffolk Downs is to create a new mixed-use neighborhood that will connect residents of East Boston and Revere through a network of new parks and open spaces, pedestrian and bicycle friendly paths. This new economic hub will include neighborhood retail, vibrant restaurants and will generate jobs and new local tax revenues.

Goals for Suffolk Downs Redevelopment:

HYM maintains a strong interactive community process for all of its projects and looks forward to working with both communities during the permitting process.

The Team

HYM and its principals have a long and successful track record in planning, permitting, financing, constructing and managing mixed-use developments in Greater Boston. HYM’s success is directly related to the expertise and skill of its professionals and to HYM’s comprehensive neighborhood process, which engages all stakeholders including landowners, local businesses, municipal departments, state agencies and elected officials. HYM is currently leading the development of over nine million square feet of mixed-use development in Greater Boston. HYM strives to have its projects connect to, become part of and improve the communities within which they are located.